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Hauling At Home? 3 Tips To Safely Haul Furniture In Your Pickup Truck

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Buying new furniture or moving to an entirely new home can be challenging. However, owning your own pickup truck can make the process less stressful and more affordable. When you’re saving time and money by doing it yourself, it is easy to see the benefits of hauling your own furniture. Unfortunately, an estimated 25,000 crashes occur each year due to debris in the road. Due to this staggering number, it is imperative to load, secure, and haul your furniture pieces safely. Using this guide, you can transport your furniture in a safe,...

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Tips For Hauling Heavy Equipment

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Moving heavy equipment from one location to another is a monumental task in more ways than one. It relies on excellent planning and equally excellent execution. Without both, it would be nearly impossible to get your equipment where it needs to go. Sometimes it’s just easier to call companies like Santa Fe Tow Service. Here are a few pointers you can use to make your heavy equipment haul go smoothly: Consider the Type and Design of the Equipment Moving an excavator will be a bit different than moving a bulldozer or a grader on a...

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What To Expect In Taxis Around The World

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Although taxis exist all over the world as an easy way for people to get around, taxi etiquette and rules vary quite differently from country-to-country. Here are just a few different examples of how to act and what to expect when getting a taxi in different countries. Beijing It’s widely accepted that no one tips in China, taxi drivers will not accept tips if you try to offer to tip them. In fact, in some areas of China it’s against the law to tip a taxi driver. In Beijing if you are looking for a taxi you should be aware that...

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3 Fuel Sources Airport Shuttle Services Around The World Are Using To Go Green

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Airport transportation is already help out the environment by carrying several passengers at once, reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Fewer vehicles mean less pollution, so airport shuttle services are a great option for eco-friendly individuals. Some airport shuttle services are going even greener, though, by converting their vehicles to run on the below three sources of eco-friendly fuel. Rapeseed Oil A popular airport shuttle service in Sweden won the 2011 Environmental Initiative of the Year award with their efforts to lower the...

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Will Aluminum-Bodied Pickup Trucks Cost More To Repair?

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In the face of rising gas prices, many auto manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to make their full-size pickup trucks more fuel-efficient. For instance, Ford’s new F-150 pickup is slated to feature an aluminum body, a first among consumer pickup truck makers. But according to Automotive News, many insurance experts along with some potential truck buyers fear that an aluminum-bodied truck will cost more to fix than a truck with a conventional steel body. CAFE Sets the Stage for Aluminum Use in Pickup Trucks Since the...

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From Tax Write-Offs To Financing: Five Tips For Saving Money When Buying A Commercial Truck

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Whether you own a flower delivery shop, an over-the-road trucking company or any other business that relies on commercial trucks to stay in the black, you will eventually face the expense of buying a new truck. In some cases, you may even need to buy a fleet of commercial trucks. This can be expensive, but with the right strategies, you can save money on this transaction. Here are five tips on keeping the cost down when buying a commercial truck: 1. Always Get Multiple Insurance Quotes Paying for the truck is just a portion of the total cost....

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